Since I was a camp counsellor at the age of 15, I have been teaching in some capacity. Whether it was after school kids programs,  high school volunteer teaching, or what I’m doing now –teaching English and Digital Communications at college–I love engaging and facilitating learning with people of all ages.

I love talking about books, writing and the things that you are passionate about, and how to make it onto the page.

Book Clubs and School and Library Visits

Geared to grades 5 and up, I will adapt my talks to grade level or group size. I’m available for talks in the Toronto and GTA and am available on Skype.

Here’s some of what I talk about:

  • Writing Process/Path to publication
  • L.M. Montgomery as Teen Writer
  • History of women during late-19th century Canada
  • Tapping into your creative potential and passion

Please contact me for more information.

Writing Workshops:

I facilitate interactive writing workshops that encourages you to write about what you’re passionate about, and to connect to your creative self. We work with concepts of inner critic, writing process, with a heavy focus on revision techniques. I can also gear my writing workshop to specific genres, such as historical fiction, memoir writing and writing young adult fiction.

Writing Historical Fiction: This 1 to 2-hour writing workshop provides best practices on writing historical fiction, focusing on plotting, character, structure, description and dialogue and research.

Journal Writing: This 1 to 2-hour workshop shows how journal writing can not only be the first step in the writing journey, but also a tool for self-exploration, giving you the opportunity to tap into your creativity.

Young Adult Fiction: This 1 to- 2-hour workshop will strategize best practices on young adult fiction writing, focusing on character, structure, plotting and strategies to getting your story to the next stage.

Please contact me for more information.