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“Melanie’s presentation was engaging, informative and delightful. Her knowledge of the subject, passion for writing, and love of everything LM Montgomery was contagious! She did a wonderful job of balancing the history of her subject (LM Montgomery), with her creative writing process, to show teens how they can turn a passion and interest into a novel. Her PowerPoint, with many great photographs of key historical people and her own writing space, perfectly complimented the discussion about starting with an idea, pursuing a passion, and putting pen to paper. Melanie further took the time to connect with the teens in attendance, ask them about their writing, and answer questions. I can’t wait for her to visit our library again!” — Jennifer Howard, Children’s Librarian, Confederation Centre Library 

We were thrilled with the evening Melanie J. Fishbane spent at Midland Public Library during Ontario Public Library Week 2017. There were people of all ages in attendance and they were all moved by Mel’s stories about loving Laura Ingalls Wilder and Anne of Green Gables as a young person. She dug into the research she’d done on site in PEI and in archives to recreate the life of Lucy Maud Montgomery for her book Maud, making the presentation intriguing to the more historically minded, along with young adults and fans of Anne. I’d highly recommend having her (and Laura, and Anne, and Maud) at any library, school, or bookstore. — Faith Roebuck Shergold, Community Engagement Coordinator, Midland Public Library


My Writing Workshops focus on writing historical fiction, journal writing, and best practices for writing YA fiction to people of all ages, as well as helping you tap into your creative genius.

My Author Talks explore what what led me to write historical fiction, how I approached writing MAUD, and can focus on a variety subjects related to L.M. Montgomery’s early life as a teen writer growing up in Cavendish, PEI and Prince Albert, Sask.

If you’re interested in me coming to speak at your school, library, book club or organization,  please contact me.

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