An Interview with Sarah Tomp, Author of My Best Everything

Well it is summer and I’ve been traveling and being terrible about keeping up with the blog. But what I have been doing is reading. Reading books by writers I respect, some I even have the pleasure to know –which is my favourite thing to do, talk about cool people in this rich community of authors and artists.. I started the summer reading Sarah Tomp’s My Best Everything, a story that takes place during Lulu Mendez’s pivotal summer between graduation and college. Lulu is ready to get out of her small town of Dale, Virginia and Read More

An Interview with Caroline Nevin, Artist of Garnet and Ashes

I’ve known Caroline Nevin for over ten years. She’s a good friend and an invaluable member of my creative support system, particularly this summer when we’ve spent a few afternoons creating together.  Over the years, she’s explored many forms and I have always loved hearing her talk about her creative process. Caroline’s recently started a new business, Garnet and Ashes, “Vintage inspired fine art for modern swanky people,” which seems to have some very interesting links to character creation and some of the things that I have been thinking about this summer. Given she’s going to have Read More