An Interview with Marsha Skrypuch

  Marsha Skrypuch and I have a history. It makes sense because we both write and care about history–particularly stories where there has been injustice. I believe that we are humanitarians, who hope that our stories of the past will resonate with the present, bringing awareness about people who have for–one reason or another–been silenced. Her latest–and 19th book!!!–is The Dance of the Banished, a novel based on the true story of two Anatolian teenagers during WWI.  Circumstances have conspired to separate Ali and Zeynep from their home, Eyolmez, Anatolia. Sensitive and strong, Ali, immigrates to Canada Read More

Marsha Skrypuch Interviews Me for CANSCAIP

So, this is a bit unusual, because I’m definitely not used to be interviewed, but I was kinda tickled when Marsha Skrypuch asked me if she could talk to me about my double life as part of the “Meet the Professionals” column for CANSCAIP‘s (The Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators and Performers) newsletter last week. I can now post it here on this blog. There are a couple of fun facts that Marsha may or may not recall. 1) Marsha’s book, The Hunger, was one of the first books I ever got to review and introduced me Read More