An Interview with Marsha Skrypuch

  Marsha Skrypuch and I have a history. It makes sense because we both write and care about history–particularly stories where there has been injustice. I believe that we are humanitarians, who hope that our stories of the past will resonate with the present, bringing awareness about people who have for–one reason or another–been silenced. Her latest–and 19th book!!!–is The Dance of the Banished, a novel based on the true story of two Anatolian teenagers during WWI.  Circumstances have conspired to separate Ali and Zeynep from their home, Eyolmez, Anatolia. Sensitive and strong, Ali, immigrates to Canada Read More

Renewal and Opportunities and the Latest on Mel’s Journey with Maud

A friend and I always talk about how things feel fresh in September. Perhaps it is the “Back to School” vibe in the air, perhaps it is the changing  seasons, perhaps it was because the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, always landed in September bringing in an opportunity for renewal. This Fall marks a couple of interesting shifts in my life, because I’m learning how to balance certain opportunities–opportunities that I’m so excited and grateful for–with my daily writing practice.  Much of the summer I worked within my own schedule,  allowing time to relax while also making Read More

An Interview with Sarah Ellis, Author of Outside In

A couple of years ago, I was asked to give a talk at a CANSCAIP meeting to speak about the MFA program I was taking at VCFA. At this point I had only met Sarah Ellis briefly during residency, so it was a little nervous-making to have her in the audience. When someone asked me why I had chosen VCFA, I took a deep breath, smiled, pointed directly into the audience and said, “that author” and then probably blushed and giggled. It was really a dream realized when I got to work with Sarah during my final semester Read More

An Interview with Caroline Pignat, author of Unspeakable

I know that I am due for an update and I promise to provide you all with some of the details of the various trips I’ve been on recently soon (including some very poorly shot video by yours truly) but today’s post is devoted to one of my favourite YA historical fiction novels I’ve read this year, Unspeakable by Caroline Pignat. This was one of the books I was most excited about for 2014 because I had loved her other novel, Wild Geese, which I had reviewed for the CCBC a number of years ago. Unspeakable Read More