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There is so much about L.M. Montgomery that it can be difficult to know the best places to find information. I’ve included a selection of materials that I used for writing MAUD: A NOVEL INSPIRED BY THE LIFE OF L.M. MONTGOMERY at the back of the novel in the “More About Maud” section. Below are some additional resources and is different than what is found in the novel.

L.M. Montgomery Related Websites

L.M. Montgomery Institute (LMMI):

The LMMI is located in the Robertson Library at the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown and devoted to researching Maud’s life and works. Every two years they have a conference with a special theme where people from around the world come and to talk about Maud. The next conference’s theme is, L.M. Montgomery and Reading, and takes place from June 21-24, 2018.  

L.M. (Lucy Maud) Montgomery Literary Society:

The LMMLS is a community of readers from all over the world who love Maud, who promote her life and work. Started by Mary Beth Cavert, Carolyn Strom Collins and Christy Woster, the society is responsible for the publication of the The Shining Scroll, which first started in 1992. Many of the materials I used for Maud came from these meticulously researched articles. You may also recognize the name from a line in the poem that inspired Maud to write, “The Alpine Path.”

L.M. Montgomery Online:

L.M. Montgomery Online is a website for everyone who is interested in studying Maud’s life and work and includes a comprehensive bibliography of practically almost everything (that we know right now) that Maud wrote, as well as what has been written about her. The director, Dr. Benjamin Lefebvre, has spent many hours compiling these resources, and information about adaptations, articles and more.

L.M. Montgomery Society of Ontario:

The LMMSO is a not-for-profit- organization founded in Leaskdale, Ontario, where Maud lived after she got married from 1911 to 1926. The LMMSO runs the Leaskdale Manse National Historic Site (where Maud lived with her husband Ewan and their two children, Chester and Stuart), and owns the Historic Leaskdale Church, which was once St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church where Ewan was the minister from 1910 to 1926. During the summer, the LMMSO has weekly teas and sometimes shows the play, “Maud of Leasdale.” And every summer they also hold an annual L.M. Montgomery Day. This year they are planning a three-day conference in October to celebrate Maud and Canada’ 150th birthday.

L.M. Montgomery Heritage Society :

The L.M. Montgomery Heritage Society’s mission is to preserve the legacy of Maud’s time in Norval Ontario, where she lived from 1926 to 1935. Every November, they have an annual Montgomery Christmas, with music and a bazaar, just like the kind Maud would have had.

Archives and Historical Societies

These archives contain materials that are specific to L.M. Montgomery:

  • University of Prince Edward Island, Robertson Library. University Archives and Special Collections. L.M. Montgomery Institute Collection.
  •, an online tool for the LMMI Research Collections house at the Robertson Library at the University of Prince Edward Island

Books on L.M. Montgomery

The website, L.M. Montgomery Online contains the most comprehensive database of books, journals, magazine articles, movies, and news about Maud. I encourage you to explore this website. Below are just some of the resources I used.

Blackford, Holly, ed. Anne with an “E”: The Centennial Study of Anne of Green Gables. Calgary, Alberta: University of Calgary Press, 2009.

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_________________. My Dear Mr. M. Letters to G.B. MacMillan from L.M. Montgomery. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1992.

Eggleston, Wilfrid, ed. The Green Gables Letters from L.M. Montgomery to Ephraim Weber, 1905-1909. Ottawa: Borealis Press, 1981

Epperly, Elizabeth Rollins. The Fragrance of Sweet-Grass: L.M. Montgomery’s

Heroines and the Pursuit of Romance. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014.

_________ . Through Lover’s Lane: L.M. Montgomery’s Photography and Visual    Imagination. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007.

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Gammel, Irene and Benjamin Lefebvre, ed. Anne’s World: A New Century of Anne of Green Gables. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010.

Lefebvre, Benjamin, ed. The L.M. Montgomery Reader. Volume One: A Life in Print. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2013.

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Books for Young People About Maud

Cotter, Charis. “The Thin Veil: Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874–1942),” in Born to Write: The Remarkable Lives of Six Famous Authors. Toronto: Annick Press, 2008.

Lunn, Janet. Maud’s House of Dreams: The Life of Lucy Maud Montgomery. Toronto; Doubleday Canada, 2002.

MacLeod, Elizabeth. Kids Can Read: Lucy Maud Montgomery. Illustrated by John Mantha. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 2008.

______________. Lucy Maud Montgomery: A Writer’s Life. Toronto, Kids Cans Press, 2001.

Wallner, Alexandra. Lucy Maud Montgomery: The Author of Anne of Green Gables. New York: Holiday House, 2006.

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