Key Dates

Lucy Maud Montgomery's journal

These dates are recorded in Maud’s journal

September 21, 1889: Maud starts a new journal

November 12, 1889: Nate Lockhart walks Maud home from Rev. Mr. Carruthers’ talk

November 22, 1889: Maud’s first performance at the Literary Concert

December 2, 1889: School Trial between Clemmie and Annie

February 18, 1890: Maud receives Nate’s love letter

August 9, 1890: Leaves for Prince Albert

August 20, 1890: Arrives in Prince Albert

September 1, 1890: Starts Prince Albert High School

Fall 1890: Maud meets Laura and Will Pritchard

December 7, 1890: Maud’s First Publication, “On Cape LeForce” published

December 24, 1890: Presbyterian Church Christmas Concert

February 1891: “The Wreck of Marco Polo” published

May 13, 1891: Will steals Maud’s ring

May 31, 1891: Maud discusses writing June

Spring 1891: Will carves Maud’s name in a tree

July 1, 1891: Mr. Mustard proposes to Maud

July 5, 1891: Maud visits Laurel Hill

August 1, 1891: Maud and Will exchange ten-year letters

June 1891: “A Western Eden” is published in the Prince Albert Times

August 1891: “Farewell” poem published

August 26, 1891: Leaves Prince Albert

September 5, 1891: Arrives PEI

October 1891: “From Prince Albert to P.E. Island” published

February 16, 1892: Returns to Park Corner to teach music lessons

June 8, 1892: Returns to Cavendish

June 21, 1892: Sees Nate for the first time since he left

August 15, 1892: Returns to the Cavendish school to prepare for exams

Key Dates of Maud and Her Friends During Her Life Time

November 30, 1874: Maud’s Birthday

1893-1894: Attends Prince of Wales College and earns her Teaching Certificate

1894-1895: Teaches in Bidford, PEI

1895-1896: Attends Dalhousie University

1896-1897: Teaches in Belmont PEI and becomes secretly engaged to Edwin Simpson

April 2, 1897: Will Pritchard dies of influenza

1897-1898: Teaches in Lower Bedeque PEI and falls in love with Herman Leard, breaking her engagement with Edwin

1898: Grandfather Alexander Macneill dies and Maud returns to Cavendish to live with her grandmother

1901-1902: Becomes a newspaperwoman for the Daily Echo in Halifax

1903: Meets the man who will be her husband, Ewan Macdonald

1906: Becomes secretly engaged to Ewan

Spring 1905: Begins writing Anne of Green Gables

April 15, 1907: Anne of Green Gables is accepted for publication by L.C. Page Co. of Boston:

June 20, 1908: Maud holds her first book, Anne of Green Gables, in her hands

1909: Anne of Avonlea (dedicated to Miss Gordon) published

1919: Frede Campbell Macfarlane dies of the Spanish Flu

1920: Rilla of Ingleside (dedicated to Frede) is published

March 5, 1911: Grandmother Lucy Woolner Macneill dies

July 5, 1911: Maud marries Ewan Macdonald and moves to Leaskdale, Ontario

July 7, 1912: First son, Chester, is born

August 13, 1914: Second son, Hugh Alexander dies at birth

October 7, 1915: Third son, Ewan Stuart, born

1917: Anne’s House of Dreams (dedicated to Laura) is published and Maud votes for the first time

1926: Maud moves to Norval, Ontario

1930: Maud returns to Prince Albert: 1930

1935: Maud moves to “Journey’s End,” in Toronto, Ontario and is awarded the Officer of the Order of the British Empire

1939: Maud’s final book, Anne of Ingleside (which is dedicated to Will Pritchard), is published

April 24, 1942: Maud’s death

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