Stepping into the Tardis: Maud’s Launch on the Island in May

Join me as we go back in time to the beginning of May…

Exactly two months ago, where I embarked on a journey to the Island to celebrate MAUD at the Confederation Centre of the Arts.


Bookmark PEI created this beautiful window display and were incredible! If you are going to the Island this summer (or any summer, be sure to check them out!)


And the CBC invited me to talk on their program, Mainstreet with Angela Walker, who took one of my favourite photos, ever:


Credit: CBC PEI, Angela Walker

Later, I was joined by my companion, Simon Lloyd,

who asked me all sorts of questions about what it was like to write MAUD:

And then, there was a special guest appearance by my brother, Joel,

The great author Melanie Fishbane is surprised at her #maudlaunch in #PEI

Posted by Joel Fishbane on Thursday, May 4, 2017


After the festivities, I got to sign books for all of the wonderful people who came! (This is my favourite part because then I get to meet people who are interested in MAUD and in books! I get to meet you!)


The following day, my brother joined me on an epic quest to bring MAUD back to the places that inspired the novel and her character.  We went to Cavendish,

Park Corner at the Anne of Green Gables Museum at Silverbush,

and at her grandfather’s home in Ingleside,

And, of course we stopped off at Green Gables, where Maud got up to a little fun:

We also walked through the Haunted Woods:

And, of course, Lover’s Lane:

After a few more days, Maud and I said goodbye to our companions and journeyed home.

But we will be back…


I’ve been busy preparing for another adventure out east for the end of July, from the 24th to the 31st, I’ll be flying to Halifax and doing some events in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, as well as a few days on the Island. I’m finalizing a few details and will post  all of the details very very soon. So stay tuned!

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