Happy 150th Birthday, Bess!

  I have known Laura Ingalls Wilder since I was seven years old when my parents purchased the entire set for me for my birthday. It was in a big brown box and I remember opening it around the old fireplace in the dining room with the large swordfish my dad and caught and hung on the wall and the needlepoint of a woman sewing that my mom maid handing over the fireplace. (I wonder what happened to both of these things.) At first I didn’t know what it was and my mother had to explain Read More

Mel’s Week of Unplanned Symmetry

The writer life is weird and wonderful. One week there could be a series of events converging at the same time and you try believing in your incredible luck and the next…a silence so quiet that you wonder if you’re any good and why you’re bothering to do it in the first place. This week was a lucky week. A grateful week. A week where I’m doing my best to celebrate success, without feeling guilty and also being comfortable with being out in the world. TUESDAY: I talked about this and my path to publication on Read More

RT to Win a Signed ARC of MAUD

November 30th is L.M. Montgomery’s 142nd Birthday and to celebrate I’ve decided to give away ONE signed ARC of Maud: A Novel Inspired by the Life of L.M. Montgomery on Twitter! I know! It is very exciting.     What to do: Head over to my Twitter profile and RT this post, which will be on top of my profile all day today. or 2. RT anytime I mention Montgomery or MAUD today (and given her birthday that will be a lot.) then 3. Spread the word, tell your friends, and if you don’t follow me yet, please Read More

A Response: Write! Create!

I don’t tend to talk politics on this blog, mostly because it is meant to focus on writing, the creative process and what is happening in the life of Mel. But the ramifications of what has happened in the American election has forced me to reassess my position on this and how I plan to combat misogyny, homophobia and xenophobia. In Canada we’ve had the dial move in the opposite direction, (thank goodness) but there are still some politicians, particularly on the right, who want to bring these ideologies north. And I am like, NO! My Read More

Guest Post on Beyond Little House: Little Town on the Prairie Read-a-Long

The classic Garth Williams Cover I forgot yesterday in my housekeeping notes, that I’m also taking part in Beyond Little House’s Little Town on the Prairie read-a-long. Probably because I had written this about two months ago. “Chapter 23: Schooltime Begins Again” is one of my favourite chapters of the novel because so many little things happen, including the start of Laura and Almanzo’s courtship. I love how one novel can inspire so much discussion. http://beyondlittlehouse.com/2011/06/24/little-town-on-the-prairie-chapter-23-schooltime-begins-again/ Check out this vintage cover. When you read my post you will see that it is like the cover Read More

On the Way Home

First, I have made some changes to the blog. What do you think?  It is hard to imagine that in less than three weeks I will be heading back to Vermont. I feel like I’m halfway through one of those tubular things that kids play in and I cannot wait to get to the other side. I’m looking forward to seeing my classmates and friends and refilling the well.  I still have the same gut reactions to things. When I received the collection of workshop pieces and scanned through them, I still wondered how I Read More

Another Muse: Edwin Brownell: Flight of the Hawk

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABrdDlJkXAg?fs=1] I met Edwin in graduate school when I was working on masters degree #1. He was in my Canadian Historiography class and presented his take on some group of Canadian historians (I cannot remember who) by writing a song and playing it on a small electronic. I remember the words: “History and Herstory” so maybe there was a feminist angle – I don’t quite know – but, he certainly left an impression. He and I worked together on a series of benefit concerts to raise money for a graduate fellowship for history students. Read More