Only Six Weeks Late: Mel’s List of 9 2016 Goals

How is it the end of February? I had such plans to write some kind of philosophical forward-looking blog post about my goals for 2016 and now it is practically the end of winter so it seems quite silly to write them now. But I’ve always been one to thwart convention in some way, so why not. Besides there’s too much pressure on January 1st to get it all done. February 24th is certainly much better date, don’t you think? And, besides,  Spring is less than a month away and it’s near the  Full Moon, so an Read More

An Interview with Amy Rose Capetta, Author of Entangled

I’m so excited to welcome critically acclaimed YA science fiction author, Amy Rose Capetta. Amy Rose is a fellow VCFAer who inspires me with her commitment to writing, her talent for photography, and her openness to trying new things, such as co-producing the NerdBait Guide You Tube channel with YA author of Breaking Sky and The Color of Rain, Cori McCarthy. Entangled and Unmade  are part of a (I love that she calls it this) “YA space duet,” about seventeen-year-old Cade, a human essentially alone in the universe who discovers that she was created in a lab in Read More

An Interview with Singer Songwriter, Andrea Lindsay

Andrea Lindsay and I met in Montreal during the late 1990s at the large bookstore where we both worked. She was just starting out as a musician and I was finishing off Masters Number 1. Over the years, I’ve been in awe of Andrea’s commitment to her music. She bravely struck out on her own, writing in her second language and trusting in the financial independence that comes from following her passion. A Juno Award-winning artist (for you Americans it is the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy Award), Andrea has continued to seek new opportunities, get Read More

An Interview with Marion Abbott: The Spirit of Maud Theatre Company

A few months ago I was traveling with a friend to Norval, Ontario where L.M. Montgomery lived from 1926 to 1935, and was told that there was a woman organizing a theatre company in the St. Paul’s Anglican Parish Hall where Montgomery used to participate and direct theatrical productions with her church and a youth organization. Now, I must admit I was weary. It seems that plays, musicals, and more plays are the chosen medium to celebrate Montgomery’s life and works. And while some of them are quite good and even intriguing and I can appreciate how someone considers Read More

Embodying Character Series: An Interview with Patrick Cook, Part Two

On Tuesday I posted the Part One of my Q&A with actor, Patrick Cook, as we discussed how he approached playing Gilbert Blythe in the current production of Anne & Gilbert: A Musical at The Guild in Charlottetown, P.E.I. Sidebar: Everyone I’ve recommended the show to and has had the opportunity to go has not been disappointed. So if you are planning a trip to PEI this summer, go. Also by birthday is coming up…so… Today’s discussion dives into some of the questions I had about what it means to play a literary heartthrob like Read More

New Look. My Travels. New Series.

A couple of weeks ago I had promised an update and so today’s post is a bit of what’s been happening with Mel, as well as what you can expect to see on this blog in the future. First, I’m playing with a new theme. What do you think? This photo was taken on Lover’s Lane. Isn’t the light just exquisite?   I’ve been all about the light recently. Every where I’ve travelled, I’ve noticed how the light laughs with nature. I’ve been doing what I can to walk in Montgomery’s shoes on my travels to Read More

A Review: My Re-reading of The Long Winter

The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder My rating: 5 of 5 stars The Long Winter just keeps getting better every time I read it. I have no idea how many times I’ve read it. We aren’t just lulled by the howling winds of the blizzard, but feel the dreary dullness of the monotony tied up in the weather’s grip. The blizzard is a character in itself, blasting and teasing, howling and laughing, sometimes even playing. Laura is like the town and community on the verge of growing up. She’s both Ma’s and Pa’s right-hand, Read More

Coming out of the Musical Closet

On Facebook today, I posted about purchasing two pieces of sheet music and looking forward to playing them. A friend of mine commented that she didn’t know that I was musical and I responded that it was one of those things that I tended to keep secret.Then, (just as I was writing this post) someone (who I think that I’ve known since like Grade One or something) said that he had no idea. I’ve written about this before, my hidden musician. Much like my hidden writer, she is really freaked out and scared and thinks Read More

Songs in the Head and Songs of the Heart

I have been meaning to write about the little moment on the streetcar a few weeks ago and then time just seemed to pass and here I am with some time at my disposal and now I can tell you what it is…well, sort of…And there might be clues within what I say, but I won’t tell you if you are right. I am purposely cryptic about what I am writing about because I think there are a few things that I like to keep to myself in a public way. (However, if you sat Read More